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Here's some photos from my 2006 World Tour with Engelbert Humperdinck.

Check out my Road Journal from my recent world tour with Engelbert Humperdinck. Lot's of pictures and fun stories!!

Impromptu jam at local club while traveling to Bolivia with Scott Wilkie Band, 2001.

"Feelin' the notes" at La Ve Lee with Gregg Kurukas, 2003

Dave backstage at a Steely Dan show in Los Angeles (October 2003) with guitarists Frank Gambale and John Harrington.

Dave in Las Vegas performing with Keyboardist Greg Karukas, June 2004.

Dave displaying his manly '76 Les Paul.

Dave, "naturally".

Dave in Cancun 2003

Dave still in Cancun 2003, doing his best Indiana Jones

Dave live at the famous Baked Potato

Master Rapper MC Hamilton

Dave & Melissa's Wedding 2004

Dave & Melissa's Wedding 2004

guitarist Dave Hill
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